the start of something

I’ve always been too serious. I’m one of those people that question every small-to-large decision in their life. As such, I pretty much worried my way through university. I tried not to think about the “big picture” for fear of not having an answer. Frankly, I still don’t have an answer. I’m not sure what I want to be “when I grow up,” nor am I sure that I ever will. I’ve always been envious of those who knew at age eight that they wanted to be a veterinarian, doctor, or study international law. Me? I majored in English Literature because I enjoyed to read and, first and foremost, I adored writing — so long as I had a subject to cling to.

After university, I haphazardly tried to discover myself. My parents divorced and I rebelled against my mother and moved across state to live with my boyfriend. In hindsight, while the decision appeared sudden at the time, it’s the best choice that I’ve ever made for myself.

So, in an effort to break outside the box and teeter without subject or cause, here I am.

This will be a place where I:

  • Do not capitalize my titles or blog title because I think it looks better. Yes, it bothers me that it’s “incorrect.” But, this is me not caring.
  • Share my experiences as the mother of a four-legged, furry rascal.
  • Confess that I have an unhealthy obsession with reading product labels. No, seriously: I’ll happily stand in that shampoo aisle for 35 minutes.
  • Admit that, were it an easy process to become a citizen of the United Kingdom (Scotland, specifically), I would be there without question.
  • Be painfully truthful about my efforts to become a healthier person.
  • Attempt to write as if it doesn’t matter who is reading. This has always been a significant problem for me.

And, most importantly:

  • This will be my space to post whatever is on my mind — a space to be candid and to help me realize that being free-spirited and enjoying the simple things can, indeed, be a way of life. It’s vital for me to not let my worrisome habits root themselves inside of me. Let’s call this therapy!

Thanks for riding along!


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